Showcasing A Millennial!

This week we’re featuring a millennial event goer who shared some great insight on his recent experience at a career fair and sales competition. Darren, a business major at Bloomsburg University, traveled down to Florida with 70 other schools, to take part in this event as an interactive opportunity to compete and showcase student’s knowledge in sales and business.

So Much…in One Event!

This event catered to over 70 schools from around the world. Students, whom were selected from their schools, competed in a series of three events: sales role-plays, speed selling, and case competitions. This enabled students to gain hands-on experience in what it would be to have an everyday sales job.

The career fair portion of the event was gave the millennials a chance to do one of their favorite things – networking! The fair offered a tremendous amount of opportunities to learn about different types of jobs, discover new and existing businesses, and of course talk to professionals. Seeing as the majority of students, along with Darren, were seniors, this was an extremely beneficial component of the day and his favorite part!

Millennials Immediate Attraction

Not only was this event perfect for millennials embarking on next steps for building their future, but it was also set exactly in the right place! How so? Who wouldn’t want to travel to a warm place and get to have some down time at the resort? Darren said that and being able meet other likeminded students made him feel more comfortable and motivated to share about his experiences during the event. One of his primary reasons for going was to network, the optimal location, and the chance to really learn something.

Like I’ve mentioned before, events that provide benefits and relationship building opportunities for millennials – we are so there! Moral of the story – events are a great way to meet a lot people at once, so go to as many as you can. This is what helped him land various interviews, and hopefully his job! 



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