Millennial Monday: What Drives Millennials to Events

We know that a large portion of event attendees are millennials, but why? Reasons why millennials go to events are surprisingly endless, but with the increase of this within the last year, and the prediction of this trend in the new year, there are many major keys that draw in this young generation to events. Basically, what’s cool at events that’s making us young people want to go? Well, here are some reasons.


The first and most obvious reason why millennials attend an event is from pure attraction. People who notice and like something about the event are more likely willing to want to go it. This can be from a cool flyer, an eye catching video or ad, and even a simple headline of the event title that immediately catches our interest. Promoting popular things or people that will be at the event is a plus, and explaining the benefits of going too.

Bring a buddy

Millennials also like events where you can bring friends. No one wants to go to an event alone, but rather share the experience with their friends. It’s kind of like a bonding experience. If an event is encouraging of bringing friends, you better believe they will. It makes us feel more comfortable about going, and a whole lot more fun.


If networking opportunities are present at an event, then this is millennial heaven. Being that many millennials are looking for internships and jobs, they will take any chance they get to shake some hands. If there is a benefit for something long term at an event, then you’re set. 



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