5 Pro Tips For Planning Your Next Event

Event Planning In New York City
Event planning is one of those industries where everyone is doing it, but very few are qualified to even step into the space of planning large-scale, privately or publicly attended functions. When it comes to producing and managing events, there are so many details that simply go unaddressed for many companies. Details like concept, venue, vendors and contracts, staffing, production, technology, food and beverage, ticketing, etc. All the event management details you don’t want to have to think about or be responsible for…

So How do I plan my event?
Enter Sasha Perelman, Founder + CEO of Revolver Productions – a boutique event production agency in New York City. She believes that dreams are attainable – especially for her clients. With over 12 years of experience, Sasha’s goal is to take a client’s vision and create an extraordinary experience. This is exactly what she does. Revolver Productions has 5 simple rules to planning your next event, and we’d like to share them here. Read on.

5 Pro Tips For Planning Your Next Event

So obvious and a shameless plug, but the proof is in the pudding. The road to a revolutionary and extraordinary event is a long and windy one. How many events or red carpet galas have you attended that just didn’t have the details down to make you say “Wow”? We’ve all been to them.

Coat check is a mess.

The food service is in the room speakers are fighting for air time with.

Logistics are, well… there aren’t any.

Technology fails.

Humans are lost and unprepared.

Location is bad. Timing is bad.

We could go on from personal experience.

One of the biggest complaints in the event planning industry is the amount of clutter that gets collected along the way that gets lost. Fuel productivity, personal investments and the overall fun factor by leveraging technology. Branded flash drives, Google Docs, Slack, Airtable and other tools are brilliant additions to your team’s organization and mental health. They’ll work great for the event itself too. Keep your ideas, communication and execution lean, mean and GREEN.

Speaking of branding, step up your swag game by giving away unique items that will serve as a reminder how innovative and thoughtful your brand really is. You’ve already got a drawer full of branded pens and note stacks, so think outside the box. How about chapstick or a creative T-shirt? These items will not only get used often but SEEN over and over again. Keep thinking and you’ll nail your brand giveaway on the head.

There’s some science here. Serving berries during breaks at your next conference is said to help you think better, learn better, and retain what you’re learning at a higher capacity. You could probably bundle some almonds and nuts alongside some herbal teas for powerful, natural cocktail of mental and physical stimulation. Oh… and oysters couldn’t hurt.

If you scream “Nature is touching me!” when you’re in the park, then this is your opportunity to get outside of your comfort zone and embrace the great outdoors. When it comes to productive attendance at meetings or events, or meetings about events… the classic round table discussion with institutional coffee and fluorescent lighting are your biggest enemies. Take it to the park, the library, the hillside, the seaside or wherever you have a unique and inviting outdoor space to tantalize your audience’s senses and ability to enjoy being engaged. Trust us… 

Dullsville…. the view on the ground is much better.

Revolver Productions is New York’s Premier Event Collective, offering customizable and personalized solutions for event production of all sizes.



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