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Her Canna Q&A with Sasha Perelman, Forward by Revolver Productions

“I believe there is much more to cannabis then “smoking weed and getting high.” -Sasha Perelman

Describe yourself and what you do.
I’ve been producing corporate events and building training programs for global brands for over 15 years. In 2014, I founded Revolver Productions, creating a revolutionary approach to venue sourcing and event production.

A dynamic sense for aesthetics, paired with my vision for massive action, has translated into tremendous momentum for my clients. I’m called to create events and experiences with purpose, whether they be small intimate gatherings or concerts for 30,000+ attendees.

I launched Forward in 2017, an experiential agency created for cannabis brands and consumers to engage on a thoughtful and visceral level, unparalleled in the industry.

Our curated environments combine education, advocacy and awareness with immersive, memorable experiences. We’re dedicated to moving the industry forward. Rolling Stone coined our recent event: “The best pot party in California”. 




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