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Kosher food is prepared based on requirements of Jewish law. Did you know that it’s also a multi-billion dollar industry because health conscious eaters also buy Kosher?

Kosher is not just our bubbe’s food!

At Revolver, we remember our bubbe’s (sweet grannies) cooking the most delish Kosher classics, from Kugel to Potato Latkes, just a few of our all time faves! But Kosher cooking is no longer tucked away in our grandma’s kitchen…Kosher is now an uber-popular new cuisine trend. No longer steeped in tradition, modern Kosher delicacies are full of flavor, healthier, dairy-free and can even take advantage of farm-to-table ingredients for menus that don’t yell Kosher!

Here is the good stuff.

To nosh, meaning to eat food enthusiastically, shows that Kosher food is absolutely delicious. Our resident Kosher master chef (and Revolutionary!), David Teyf, oversees our high-end Glatt Kosher Catering with curated menus that combine old world tastes and traditional favorites with modern twists and accents. His top fave dish is a savory, buttery, garlic-laced matzo babka from Minsk, a special family recipe! So, yummy!

Didn’t we say Kosher rocks?!

New Kosher catering can also offer our clients a spin on updated classics from homemade challah to matzo ball soup, a true Kosher “chicken soup for the soul,” to out-of-this-world brisket. Plus, who can forget all the types of rugelach (now with even more wow! Red Velvet filling, anyone?) that exist for dessert, we all know that these super scrumptious pastries are just heavenly! Chef David also delivers exquisite sophistication with beautifully curated dishes of fire-torched salmon, sea bass pastry puffs, smoky vegetable purees and much, much more


Need help with Glatt Kosher Catering for your next event, just contact us! We’ll bring the coffee and a nosh. 



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