Sasha Perelman, Forward by Revolver Founder and CEO, Recommends…

I love Medicine Box truffles and medicine bars (MedicineBox.green). They are made with all-natural ingredients and are delicious. Kiva Petra Mints (KivaConfections.com) are a great option for micro-dosing, especially on the go.

Jetty Extracts (JettyExtracts.com) are fantastic. They use quality, high-end, solvent-free cannabis extracts for their products, and for every purchase, they donate products to cancer patients. Also, Bloomfield (TheBloomfieldCo.com), which is female-owned and -operated. They have the sexiest CBD, sativa, indica, and hybrid vape kits on the market.

I adore BLKBRD (BlackBeardCBD.com), because there’s no other brand like it. LEEF Organics (LEEFOrganics.com) is sun-grown, organic, pesticide-free, and whole-flower.

Lowell Herb Co. (LowellSmokes.com) makes incredible blends for their pre-rolls that are super-smooth and mood-enhancing. Also, Flow Kana (FlowKana.com) has top-shelf flower with high-quality strains.

I really like Humble Flower Co. (HumbleFlowerCo.com), because I love the products and the brand story. Om Remedies (OmRemedies.com) is the ultimate healing tool for everything.

MedMen (MedMen.com) in Los Angeles is visually beautiful, and the staff is incredibly knowledgeable. You can rely on always getting premium products. 99 High Tide Collective (99HighTide.com) in Malibu, California, really connects with patients in a holistic and thoughtful way.

Little Face Events (LittleFace.events) is killing it. Her events are curated with diverse cannabis brands and incredible performers. She’s brought an element of regal mystique to her productions. Emerald Exchange (EmeraldExchangeCa.com) is a great format for bringing together some of the top brands in the industry in a beautiful setting. Their last event featured some incredible activations and an infused VIP dinner with The Herbal Chef.

Forward By Revolver is an experienced agency created for cannabis brands and consumers to engage on a thoughtful and visceral level. Their curated environments combine education, advocacy, and awareness with immersive, memorable experiences. The company is dedicated to moving the industry forward. Rolling Stone called a recent event: “The best pot party in California.”



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