Introducing…Millennial Monday

My name’s Gabby and I am new revolutionary at Revolver! I am excited to roll out Millennial Monday, where I feature a millennial like myself who is in the events industry and attending events! Because we do everything with a purpose at Revolver, we are excited to share this revolutionary idea as millennials are the face of the future of the events industry!

Millennials in the Industry
Each Monday we will be showcasing a millennial who is active in the events industry or sharing their experience going to events! It’s this age group where we start seeing young individuals learning about different types of events, especially corporate and actually going to them. Many millennials are looking for some networking opportunities or a chance to learn more about a potential career or company. Not much has been showcased about their experiences, so we figured why not share their experiences and stories, and encourage some millennials to get out there and get a feel for all things events!

Public Relations Society of America
As a Public Relations focus in my Mass Communications major, I had the chance to go to a national conference for PR, being I was a national member of the Public Relations Student Society of America. This organization allows PR students to learn about the industry, networking, social media, and actually host events on campus, which is my favorite part of being in the organization! Being that I felt I could use some networking connections and a broader look at some of the specific types of PR there are, I saved up some money and flew with six other girls to Atlanta, for the PRSA National Conference which was four days long. The event was conducted beautifully and it was really cool to meet other young students with the same interests as you. One thing that was interesting about this event though was that it seemed to cater more towards corporate PR and agencies. These are corporations such as Coca-Cola, and the agencies like Edleman, who are big in the PR industry hosting numerous clients. It did not however, cater to some of the specific types of PR like I had hoped for like event planning, music and entertainment PR, and sports PR. Even though I didn’t fit in with the companies there, I did get to meet some really cool people who shared lots of information about the industry and learned from some workshops about interviewing and social media.

Event Success!
All in all, it was a great experience, even though I didn’t get exactly what I wanted to out of it. I am now more prepared with knowledge about conferences for the future! My advice to millennials going to conferences is this: definitely do your research before you go! Check out the itinerary and see exactly what workshops will take place and what companies will be there. Make sure it interests you and you’ll benefit from going! And don’t forget to bring your resume and business cards, you never know who you might meet! 



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