Revolver Goes Back To School: Mentoring Future Event Planners!

Passion + Purpose: Mentoring

We take mentoring and giving back to the community pretty seriously – after all, we are Revolutionaries! Sasha rocked it with the communications students at Keane University on how important it is to build relationships to kick-start a career in the events industry. Sashaoffered fun glimpses on her past experiences on what it’s like to work (and survive) in NYC. She shared her motivation as to why she created Revolver Productions, her way of delivering client happiness on her terms to satisfying her need for passion + purpose. At Revolver, everyone is committed to giving back to this world with a percentage of every event is donated to specific charities.

Always Ask Questions

Students also had the opportunity to ask valuable questions, from the challenges of being an entrepreneur in today’s job market to how to handle difficult clients (we’ve all been there). Sasha emphasized the importance of being open to new situations and to always learn from mistakes.


We are in awe of the day and have tremendous gratitude for the experience. We wish all the students we met with good luck and a HUGE thank you to their teacher Carol Stavraka who so graciously invited the Revolutionaries to join her class!

Need advice on how to become a rock star event planner, ask us in the comments section!



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