Summer Events Reloaded

Ahh summer…the time where we can finally feel some form of relaxation. After a brief springtime hiatus, we’re back with some exciting updates as hot as the temperature, outside!

Summer is an amazing time to enjoy an iced cold coffee while sitting outside, while managing to deal with the humidity and pesky mosquitos. That being said, summer is a great time to experiment with some out of the box event concepts and relish in pretty great cost savings, too!

As event producers, it’s really important to stay relevant with different industry trends – especially during off periods. Here are a few thoughtful ideas that can help your events beat the heat!



Bringing the grass from the “other side” inside could be one way to hone in on corporate events specifically. By having an outdoor feeling included in indoor venues, it allows guests to enjoy a summertime theme while keeping it cool. We’ve seen this trend in events before ( . Another great feature of this type of event is that it takes away the threat of the weather.



Making sure a venue is comfortable and cool is essential for any summer time event. Find a venue that offers a partial indoor and partial outdoor option. Offering guests the option to be indoors or outdoors can make the event feel more fun and enjoyable!

The thing that makes summer events tricky, is enticing people to want to get dressed up and go. With the comfort of a beach house tucked away in a suburb of the Jersey Shore, the thought of committing a weekend plan to an event instead of lounging around, can sound pretty uninviting. With Memorial Day Weekend around the corner, here are a few ideas, tips and trends that could keep your guests in attendance on a beautiful summer day. Whether it be an outdoor or indoor event, a summertime party can still be chic and draw in the audience that you want!


For starters…



As much as we crave summer all year long, no one can stand the heat for too long. Often times the first thought when receiving the invitation is “what will I have to wear?” and right behind that thought in the summer comes “How hot will it be?” …. if that is a concern for an event it’s important to remind your guests that it will be cool at this particular event.




It’s important to think of a venue that will first and foremost provide comfort. Whether it be heat, humidity of bugs; guests want to feel as if they can truly relax. Rooftop venues are always a great go-to for summer events. Enjoying the sunset, with less heat and bugs at an elevated level…can always call for a perfect setting; business casual or social.



We’ve all seen the Snapchats and Instagrams of celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid scarfing down McDonald’s or In ’N Out Burger while sitting in the VIP booth at New York City Fashion Week. We never thought this would be a trend but here we are, fast food is in fact the newest and somehow chic finger food served at events! At summer time events, most guests will want a light and easy to eat food. No messes on those white shorts before labor day, so fast food made to look classy and aesthetic, may just be the best and most affordable form of finger foods for a cocktail party.



While this is no new trend in the events industry, a summer time event has an all around more carefree and fun environment to it. Particularly with events that are outdoors and or themed towards the direction of summer. This results in guests wanting to take lots of photos to remember a nice summer day, and of course show off their outfit. The best way to get guests involved and having a good time is having awesome backdrops and decor that they’ll love to snap photos in front of.

Backdrop of a 3-D New York City Skyline at an outdoor event.

After keeping in mind the guests wants and needs, a summer time event can be a great hit and something that people can be raving about for weeks after. Choosing the right venue and decor can add to having an all around fantastic turn out and Insta-Worthy event. Here are some Summer Event themes and Deco that we loved!



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